Dallas Child Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer John Helms Gets Not Guilty Verdict

Not Guilty Verdict of indecency with a child  in Mitchell County Trial 

         Dallas, TX – On June 30, 2022, John Helms won a not guilty verdict in a trial in Mitchell County, Texas in a case involving the alleged felony crime of indecency with a child.  The case is State of Texas v. J.D.J., No. 8180, in the 32nd Judicial District Court of Mitchell County, Texas. 

         Mitchell County is a mostly rural county in West Texas.  Its county seat is Colorado City, which is about 30 minutes west of Sweetwater.  The population of the county was 8,256, as of the 2020 census.  The District Attorney’s Office for Nolan County (Sweetwater), also has jurisdiction over the smaller Mitchell and Fischer Counties.  

         The trial, which took place over three days, involved allegations that Mr. Helms’ client placed his hand over the vaginal area of a child, over her clothes, while he, the child’s mother (his girlfriend at the time), and the child were in bed together.  Because of his prior felony convictions, Mr. Helms’ client would have been sentenced to a minimum of twenty-five years in prison, without the possibility of parole, if he had been found guilty.      

         Mr. Helms’ client took the stand and testified that he did not know whether he placed his hand over the child’s vaginal area, but if he did, it would have been in his sleep.  The State denied that Mr. Helms’ client was asleep and alleged that the child looked at Mr. Helms’ client and that he had his eyes open shortly after the alleged touching.

         The 32nd Judicial District Court has one judge, and the district covers Nolan, Mitchell, and Fischer Counties.  Each of those counties has its own courthouse.  The judge in the case, however, was a distinguished retired judge from Lubbock, who presided as a visiting judge, because the current district judge was unavailable for the case. 

         Mr. Helms wishes to express his thanks to the court personnel in Mitchell County and to the attorneys and staff at the District Attorney’s Office for Nolan, Mitchell, and Fischer Counties, whose courtesy and professionalism were among the best that Mr. Helms has ever experienced.


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