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The Prosecutors will do their best to prove your GUILT!

As A Federal Criminal Prosecutor For The Northern District Of Texas

I Never Lost A Trial Or An Appeal.

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John Helms is a superb lawyer with the most unique and varied legal resume I have seen or even heard of in over 30 years as a lawyer. I literally know of NO lawyer, anywhere, who has his background and experience as a big firm civil lawyer, federal prosecutor and state and federal criminal defense lawyer. He appeared before me frequently when I was a district court judge and with me as a federal prosecutor and law partner. I know the man; I know his work. Simply put, he is the gold standard for legal practitioners.

Former Criminal District Judge Michael Snipes

John Helms is an extremely talented and professional attorney. He has always taken the time to understand and address my concerns and questions. His knowledge of the law is exceptional. He cares about each client and their individual needs. I strongly recommend Mr Helms to anyone in need of legal representation.“

Jay T.

“If you wish for powerful clarity of logic, writing, and arguing before the court, John is the man you need to seek out. He will treat you right. David Cary ‘Reversed and Acquitted'”

David Cary

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The Prosecutors will do their best to prove your GUILT!

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I Never Lost A Trial Or An Appeal.

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Thank you to John, for all of the long hours (including late nights and weekends) he devoted to assisting my husband with his case and trial. He did everything he could possibly do to ensure the best possible outcome would be achieved and we are grateful to him for the sacrifices he made throughout this very long process. His commitment and dedication were consistent from start to finish and he exceeded all of our expectations. He is an excellent lawyer and always comes prepared and ready to fight for you. Even after the process has been completed, he still keeps in touch and answers whatever questions we have had.

Thank you again, John.

John represented my company in a complex commercial civil arbitration that settled after two days of trial. John is a very skilled litigation attorney. Two of his greatest strengths are his ability to master complicated facts quickly and his strategic focus. Throughout the litigation, he kept our direction focused on the facts and our end goals, rather than on emotions. That focus enabled us to plan our litigation strategy effectively, and to adjust it when necessary, so that we could achieve our goals. I would definitely hire John again if we have a similar litigation matter.

Printice Gary

Federal Defense Attorney, John M. Helms was an outstanding leader in the case of many defendants needing Attorney services. My relatated defendant chose Mr. Helms simply for the fact that he was well versed in the process of the Prosecution side of the system in Law as well as the Defense side. He kept us apprised of what was happening at all times, whether it was from the Prosecution’s evidence or hearsay. He gave us total Defensive guidance for the best outcome of this drug trafficking charge. My relative took his guidance to heart and followed through. John faught very hard for the truth in which he provided to the Judge and the Prosecuting Attorney’s therefore resulting in a lower Federal jail sentence. With that, we highly recommend him as your Attorney.

We Thank John for all of his hard work on this year-long case!


If you have not been arrested or charged with a crime, but the police have told you that they would like to talk to you, what do you do? Do not say a thing; let them know you want to use your right to get a lawyer. And do it ASAP.​

Whenever you have any dealings with the police, you should be represented by a lawyer. If they are looking for you, if they want to talk to you, if they want to arrest you, or if someone has contacted law enforcement and accused you of a crime, you need a lawyer.

Depending on your case, based on the advice of your attorney, it may be in your best interest to go to trial. When charges are filed against you, your lawyer will evaluate the case to determine if there is a legal basis to get the case dismissed. If there is not, and if either the government cannot prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, or if a satisfactory plea bargain cannot be worked out before trial, then your best option will, in all likelihood, be going to trial. If the case cannot be dismissed, it is ultimately your decision whether you want to take a plea bargain or go to trial. Your lawyer cannot make that decision for you or force you to decide one way or the other. Your lawyer will advise you on what is in your best interests, but no one can take away your right to decide.
Any offer or plea bargain should be evaluated carefully with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to ensure that your rights have been protected and that you understand the consequences of the plea. A good criminal defense lawyer will evaluate and discuss with you your other options, including trying to have the case dismissed, your chances if you go to trial, and whether a better deal can be negotiated. This kind of analysis requires experience and knowledge of the law.
In state court cases in Texas, a magistrate judge sets bail shortly after you are arrested. They do this based on the crime and your criminal history. You can hire a bail bond company to help you post bail. They usually require you to give them 10% of the bond amount (which you get back at the end of the case if you comply with all conditions of bond), plus a fee that they keep. Depending on the amount of the bail and your financial condition, they may also require putting up property to make sure they can get their money back if you do not comply with your bail conditions. If you know you are going to be arrested, I strongly recommend contacting a bail bond company in advance. They can make sure that they are ready to post the bond for you as soon as it is set by a magistrate judge. This helps you get out as soon as possible. There are bail bond companies that I trust, and if you hire me, I will help you through that process. Federal court is very different. After your arrest, you have an initial appearance in front of a federal magistrate judge. The prosecutor will tell the magistrate judge whether the government is asking for you to be held in custody during trial. If the government is asking for that, you have the right to have a hearing in court in which the magistrate judge decides whether or not you will be held in custody before trial. That hearing is usually a few days after your initial appearance. Bail is not common in federal court. You will usually be held in custody or released, but if you are released, there may be conditions of your release like electronic monitoring or house arrest.
Absolutely. If you are a suspect or being investigated for potential criminal activity, it is always in your best interest to have a lawyer present. This is true regardless of where the questioning takes place. If the authorities want to question you while you are in custody, you should ask to have a lawyer present during any questioning and refuse to answer questions until your lawyer is with you.

In criminal cases, we usually charge a flat rate for everything but trial and a trial fee that is only owed if the case goes to trial. A flat fee means that, no matter how much work the lawyer has to do, you know up front what the fee is going to be. We base our fees on our estimate of the amount of time and work that will be required to defend the case. We are not a factory type of operation, so we generally do not have “grocery store” pricing, in which a given crime costs a set amount regardless of the facts. Each case is different, and we try to tailor our fees to your individual case. That means that we want to find out about your case and that we try to set our fees based on how much work we think your case will take and how complicated it will be.

If you are under investigation, but you have not been charged, we may offer to represent you during the investigation based on an hourly rate with a cost deposit that we bill against. This can benefit you because it can be difficult to predict how much work it will take to represent someone during an investigation, and an hourly rate means that you will only pay for the work done.

​As A Federal Criminal Prosecutor For The Northern District Of Texas,

I Never Lost A Trial Or An Appeal.

​"If you have been charged with a crime in Texas and are facing serious jail time, you need someone who will provide you with honest answers and personal service and who will fight for results that are in the best interest of you and your family. My 20+ years experience as a lawyer, including service as a federal prosecutor and a state special prosecutor, make me uniquely qualified to assess both sides of a Texas state or federal criminal defense case and to be a trusted advocate for those in need of a strong criminal defense."

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