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Drug Crime

Drug distribution cases can range from straightforward state cases where drugs are found during an arrest and the amount is considered more than a “user quantity,” to highly complex federal drug trafficking conspiracies involving many hours of wiretaps and surveillance.

Drug Crime Defense in Dallas – The Law Office of John M. Helms is Ready to Fight for You

With Texas bordering Mexico, drug crimes are very common occurrences. As such, the state takes all forms of drug crimes very seriously, and convictions come with an array of penalties. Drug crimes can include the use or selling of illegal substances, but one of the biggest drug crimes is drug trafficking.

What is drug trafficking?

Texas has been defined as a high intensity drug trafficking area and shares this title with only a few other places in the nation. Drug trafficking can include delivering and distributing illegal drugs. You can be convicted if it can be proven that you had knowledge of the crime. If convicted of drug trafficking charges, you could be facing serious penalties such as time spent in prison, high fines, and charges on your record that can follow you for the rest of your life. The severity of punishments usually coincides with the amount of drugs found.

Building a Defense for Your Charges

If you are facing drug trafficking charges, there are many angles that can be taken for your defense. When you come to me at the Law Office of John M. Helms, I look at every angle of your case objectively to build you a strong defense.

Some possible defenses to drug trafficking charges can include:

  • Lack of knowledge of the crime
  • You were threatened into committing the crime
  • You believed the drugs to be something else (like sugar)
  • The drugs were not intended for human use

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At the Law Office of John M. Helms, you or your loved one facing such charges can be in great care. I fight relentlessly for your case and can work to reach a positive outcome. With me, the criminal justice system doesn’t have to be confusing and frightening. Contact my firm today for more information.