Removal case against Dallas County DA Hawk dismissed

Susan Hawk was all smiles as she walked out of courtroom, victorious, after the effort to oust her from office came to an abrupt conclusion.

“The truth came out today and I can’t tell you how happy I am, how ready I am for this fresh start and how ready to get back to work,” Hawk said.

The ruling of Bexar County Judge David Peeples, who was appointed to preside over the case, cannot be appealed.

The judge did not give a reasoning for his decision but it appeared that he was swayed by the arguments of Hawk’s attorneys that she is doing well since having sought in-patient treatment for what’s been described as serious depression this past summer.

The removal petition was filed last year by former high-ranking prosecutor Cindy Stormer, alleging incompetence and official misconduct. Other former high-ranking prosecutors and employees also provided affidavits outlining bizarre, paranoid behavior on the part of Hawk in the time before she sought treatment.

“I was doing this for the citizens of Dallas and I wish Ms. Hawk the best of luck,” Stormer said after the hearing concluded. “I’m glad she’s got the treatment that she needed.”

Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson, who was appointed by Dallas County commissioners, had little public reaction to the judge’s ruling.

“I have no emotional stake in the outcome of this,” Wilson said. “This is Dallas County’s problem, not mine.”

In court, Hawk’s attorneys argued that we wouldn’t say someone with a serious physical disability couldn’t do the job. They repeatedly cited the example of Gov. Gregg Abbott, who is in a wheelchair.