Dallas County Jury Finds John Helms’ Client Not Guilty of Indecency With A Child

Married father of three found not guilty of indecency with a child after a trial in Dallas. He was represented by Dallas criminal defense lawyer John Helms.

A Dallas County jury found a married father of three young children not guilty of indecency with a child. The defendant, represented by Dallas criminal defense lawyer John Helms, was accused of touching the genitals of an underage relative when she was 11 and 12 years old. Mr. Helms’ client could have been sentenced to prison for two to twenty years if he was found guilty. The jury took less than two hours to decide the case on June 29.

“I am very grateful to the jury for their careful consideration of this case,” Mr. Helms said. “This has been an extremely long and difficult ordeal for my client. I am so glad he can now go home to his wife and children knowing it is over.” Mr. Helms and his co-counsel, Jeff Morrow, tried the case over three days from June 27 to 29, in the 363rd Judicial District Court of Dallas County, Texas.

Indecency with a child is a Texas criminal offense more commonly known as “Child Molestation.” In these cases the prosecution needs to prove the victim was under 17 years old and that the molestation was either by exposure or by sexual contact. In this case, the state didn’t carry its burden of proof and the jury didn’t deliberate long before finding in the defendant’s favor.

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