Chris Kyle’s Widow Takes The Stand In American Sniper Murder Trial

The widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle wept as she testified at the most watched murder trial in America.

Widow Taya Kyle, who was played by actress Sienna Miller in American Sniper, broke down as she described her husband’s heroism and treasured family photos were shown to the jury. She was clutching his dog tags as she testified. She entered the courthouse near Dallas under police protection.

Legal analyst John Helms reported, “It was very emotional but it was also very effective because she managed to convey what he was actually like.”

Twenty-seven-year-old Eddie Ray Routh, accused of gunning down Kyle and a friend at a shooting range, entered court looking almost unrecognizable from a mugshot taken two years ago.

In opening statements Wednesday, Routh’s attorney made clear they are pursuing an insanity defense, claiming “at the time of this tragedy, Eddie Routh was insane.”

KTRK-TV reporter Kevin Quinn said, “That is going to be key here, whether or not the defense can pull that off. A lot of experts are saying that’s a tough hill to climb.”

The trial is unfolding as American Sniper continues to break office records. It is even playing at a theater near the courthouse.

Quinn continued, “Anybody can go and view this on any given day in any theater across the country. So certainly the argument could be made that that would sway a potential juror’s opinion.”